"You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive."

- Merce Cunningham

#15yearsofmillennium. Who are we & what do we do? We've found it hard to summarize the studio in 3-4 sentences, so here's a quick listing of our best traits.
MEET MILLENNIUM: Dance studio, dance instruction, artist's den, creative, committed, fresh, fun, exciting, authentic, pure, raw, beautiful, poised, dedicated, and 100% original. We love to travel, so outside of Charlotte, you can find us in Atlanta, Richmond, Charleston, & taking on NYC. We'd love to see you in class, at a show, or via the social-verse, but until then...many hearts.  -M-