We offer adult dance classes for recreational - professionals in a range of disciplines, techniques, styles, and interests. Convenient times accommodate our FT workers, students, parents, community leaders, and fellow artists. Private individual & groups options available.

Areas: Dance | Fitness | Performance Levels: Rec, Beg, Interm, Adv, Pro


Our teen dance classes are very similar to the adult structure. We promote an open, exploratory path for them to decide on what works best and is of interest to them. They’re given a broader training platform and a more diverse course selection.
Workshops are readily available with opportunities to shadow and dance alongside their adult counterparts.




The childrens dance program starts at the age of 4 and is 100% instructional-based. The primary focus is building a solid foundation in ballet, tap, and jazz. This includes teaching the core fundamentals in technique (alignment/placement), terminology, choreography, and delivery. Additional group classes outside of the standards will be included in the packages for the older students, along with the option to join studio-led workshops and labs.

LEVELS : adult | teen

Recreational - (zero years +) This is perfect if you want to attend with minimal training, commitments, or use as a fitness alternative. It's a low-intense good time. Familiar moves, repetition, and Q&A. All ages welcome.

Beginner - (zero to very little) Great for someone who has never had a class before or "use to" when they were younger. This could serve as a refresher course. Slower pace, instructional-based with a syllabus for growth and progression. All ages welcome.

Intermediate - (a few) You possess a happy medium between both beginner and advanced. There's a substantial amount of time previously spent in a studio setting, yet there's a few areas for improvement and learning. All Ages welcome.

Advanced - (many years) These are the people who've had a significant amount of training, most likely without breaks. There would be a broad understanding of technique, terms, and the ability to maintain a consistent, high level of execution. All ages welcome.

Professional - Reserved for the active, industry artists.

LEVELS : children

I - (Beginner) 0-1 years of training
II - (Intermediate) 2-4 years of training
III - (Advanced) 5+ years of training