What to Wear-Guys & Promsuits

Let's not let the ladies have all of the attention...Guys have so many options past the traditional tuxedo, which allows them to have fun when choosing pieces that shows their personality. Looking at the landscape of today's prom culture, they don't have to play it so safe anymore; ie: colors, patterns, fabrics, lengths, etc.

Here's some helpful tips when selecting your wardrobe palette:
1) What's the layout?: 3-piece or 4-piece? Tie or no tie? The weather is an important factor, too.
2) Color scheme: Get creative and play around with different colors and patterns.
3) When to coordinate?: Talk to your date/group and share what your thoughts. Brainstorm.
4) Take a photo: Share a photo with those who you know best and will give an honest opinion.
5) Be yourself! No one likes a faux, plus it will show in your photos-stiff & unnatural. Be You!