What to Wear-Creative Prom Looks!

Now that the hard part is over, meaning you have your date or least a plan of action, we can move on to the critical stages...obsessing over what to wear. Whereas we could just go look endlessly through the racks at the local department store (and there's nothing wrong that), we would like use our creative juices to piece together a fashion "moment". What kind of a fashion moment? 1. One that can highlight your personality 2. Make a statement, and 3. Ensure you look FAB, all at the same time.
One twist, we're going to pair and mix traditional pieces with options that we are familiar with, such as dance, stage, & studio wear. It's only proper. 

So to wrap the process in a pretty pink-glittered bow: We're going to show you how to pair traditional prom looks with classic dance, stage, and studio wear for the ultimate party ensemble.