It starts with a PROMPOSAL!!!

So things have changed a lot since many of us have been in school, but it seems that the trend is not just to ask that cute girl or guy to go, but do it in the most extreme way. These over-the-top methods are called Promposals and are flooding the internet every year during prom season. 

After watching several of them, we have narrowed come up with a list of essentials required, if you are going to pull off 

1. Be creative: come up with a great concept (preferably one that hasn't been done before)
2. Music has to make sense and go with the theme: nothing is worse than a bad song & edit job
3. Costume: choose wisely. Don't go overboard and make sure selections are appropriate
4. Rehearse: over & over & over again. Nothing is worse than a poor performance
5. Crowd Participation: gather the crowd and get them involved
6. Pop the Question: use flowers, balloons, posters, other people...Good Luck!

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