Much Ado About Hair!

Down, up, curled, ponytail, braided, etc...etc...
However you wear it, make sure to add some pizzazz! Jewels, ribbons, feathers, and a pop of color will lend a hint of drama to your ensemble. Be wary to not over-do-it, to where it either overshadows or creates hostility in your entire "look". Only give enough so that's it noticeable. 

All About Accessories-Jewels & Bags...Oh My!!!

Here's the fun stuff! 
Choosing your jewelry & bag is a time where you can let your creative juices flow; dare to be different, because if you've played it safe with everything else thus you can have some fun! 
FYI: Jewelry is one of those "things" that can be traditional and edgy at the same time, by simply adding more pieces or wearing it differently than suggested. As far as, what clutch, handbag, crossover, or clutch to choose...go for conversation pieces. They're a lot more entertaining and you can put them on a shelf, whenever they're not in use.

Check out some of these interesting finds that we have researched. 

All About Accessories-If The Shoe Fits...

Shoes are very simple, but probably the hardest decision you'll make. They're the items that will tie the whole look together, plus it gives another opportunity to be playful, set a trend, and extend your personality all the way to your feet. Since we are trying to give this a dance-inspired feel, our female picks are ballet/theater-esque, whereas, the males have a tap/character look.

Key points to remember:
1. Find your right size.
2. Choose a color, fabric, and design that works for your outfit.
3. Don't be afraid of height. If it's cute and you can walk in it, go with it.
4. Do a test run before the big day. Nothing is worse than painful soles.
5. Have a backup, just in case an emergency happens.

What to Wear-Guys & Promsuits

Let's not let the ladies have all of the attention...Guys have so many options past the traditional tuxedo, which allows them to have fun when choosing pieces that shows their personality. Looking at the landscape of today's prom culture, they don't have to play it so safe anymore; ie: colors, patterns, fabrics, lengths, etc.

Here's some helpful tips when selecting your wardrobe palette:
1) What's the layout?: 3-piece or 4-piece? Tie or no tie? The weather is an important factor, too.
2) Color scheme: Get creative and play around with different colors and patterns.
3) When to coordinate?: Talk to your date/group and share what your thoughts. Brainstorm.
4) Take a photo: Share a photo with those who you know best and will give an honest opinion.
5) Be yourself! No one likes a faux, plus it will show in your photos-stiff & unnatural. Be You!

What to Wear-Don't Rule Out Pants

When choosing a "look" don't forget to consider which pant options are available. Whereas, we normally don't associate a pant suit with formal wear for females, it could be a stunning change and one that deserves a mention. There are plenty of fabulous pant suits, jumpers, leggings, and creative coordinates that you play around with. For us; the more glitter, sequin, sparkle, and shine...the better! 

Important factors to entertain:
1) Size Matters: be practical-wear your size or one that flatters. Pants are tricky because they can either highlight your good/bad areas.
2) Mind the Length: go either exact inseam length, ankle, capri, or opt for a short. Anything else, may be a fashion risk. 

What to Wear-Dress The Part

Be well-dressed for the stage, studio, or in this case; the prom, with dresses that are convertible and creative.
Here are some tips for choosing the right dress for your big night:
1. Find something that shows your personality. You look confident when you feel like "yourself".
2. Go with the theme, if there isn't one, create your own. ie:eras, rockabilly, great Gatsby, etc
3. Play around with patterns and different fabrics.
4. Find the right fit. Nothing looks worse than it being too small or big.
5. Most important-HAVE FUN!

What to Wear-Creative Prom Looks!

Now that the hard part is over, meaning you have your date or least a plan of action, we can move on to the critical stages...obsessing over what to wear. Whereas we could just go look endlessly through the racks at the local department store (and there's nothing wrong that), we would like use our creative juices to piece together a fashion "moment". What kind of a fashion moment? 1. One that can highlight your personality 2. Make a statement, and 3. Ensure you look FAB, all at the same time.
One twist, we're going to pair and mix traditional pieces with options that we are familiar with, such as dance, stage, & studio wear. It's only proper. 

So to wrap the process in a pretty pink-glittered bow: We're going to show you how to pair traditional prom looks with classic dance, stage, and studio wear for the ultimate party ensemble. 

It starts with a PROMPOSAL!!!

So things have changed a lot since many of us have been in school, but it seems that the trend is not just to ask that cute girl or guy to go, but do it in the most extreme way. These over-the-top methods are called Promposals and are flooding the internet every year during prom season. 

After watching several of them, we have narrowed come up with a list of essentials required, if you are going to pull off 

1. Be creative: come up with a great concept (preferably one that hasn't been done before)
2. Music has to make sense and go with the theme: nothing is worse than a bad song & edit job
3. Costume: choose wisely. Don't go overboard and make sure selections are appropriate
4. Rehearse: over & over & over again. Nothing is worse than a poor performance
5. Crowd Participation: gather the crowd and get them involved
6. Pop the Question: use flowers, balloons, posters, other people...Good Luck!

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