We’re seeking global dance & movement leaders.

In an industry that’s highly competitive and saturated with talent of all kinds, it’s hard to determine who and what will work best for the markets we’re in. With that being said, we feel it’s only appropriate for us to not limit ourselves or the potential of the creative individuals we seek, by creating opportunities and opening the door to anyone who is exceptional in their work. Whether we encounter hundreds or a handful, Quality, will always stay at the forefront and the root of what we stand for. It’s the base of our core values. Our employees and associates have a responsibility to plant, cultivate, and grow what is not only the interests of our students, but also themselves. Creativity thrives in environments that support it.

Therefore, if you've got a purpose, belief, and an ability that moves you - if your imagination is limitless, you’re invited to join our growing network of professionals who share the same enthusiasm. Please view the available positions and submit your information via email. If your qualifications match or fit a particular role, someone will contact you to set up an informal meeting/interview. Global & Touring artists who are looking to host, schedule a masterclass or workshop, please email any media kits, links, flyers, details to: tracie@danceatmillennium.com.


Local Teaching Artists
- Ballet
- Contemporary
- Jazz

JOB SUMMARY - Teaching Artist
Our teaching artists provide instruction in studio, online, field, and/or per assignment to students, customers, clients, and guests.

Responsibilities and Duties
- Provide instruction in various disciplines and areas of interest.
- Choreograph combinations/routines for scheduled classes or projects
- Prepare lesson plans and amend syllabus, as needed
- Prepare materials for workshops, master classes and performances
- Be involved in music, costumes, technical and show direction
- Issue annual recognition awards
- Participate in parent meetings and communication

Qualifications and Skills:
- 2+ years teaching experience required
- Ability to build report with school-age and adult students
- Excellent communication and presentation skills
- Demonstrable history of talent, ability, and results


Education, Bridal, Corporate Sectors
Location: Charlotte NC

We Offer:
A generous compensation package
Advancement opportunities & career development
Job training & coaching
Commission & seasonal bonuses
Flexible work options & assignments
Free classes for staff & other perks
Professional, fun, and supportive team
Modern & convenient facilities

How to apply:
Forward a current resume'/bio, photo (head), & video reel or link (if available) to: danceatmillennium@gmail.com
UPDATED: 4/11/19