We’ve taken the high-impact, area-specific elements of each class and created a separate dance-fitness program for those who love to move, but also get a solid workout. It’s easy to sign up and attend, with a flat monthly fee, convenient morning and afternoon schedules, multiple locations, and kiosk sign-in.



(Stretch | Sweat | Tone) Ballet-based class that will strengthen, stretch and loosen muscles in the upper/lower back, mid-section, legs and feet. Exercises are syncopated & repetitive. 45-60 mins.



(Stretch | Tone | Strengthen) Core-based exercises using your entire body with lower, grounded and isolated movements. Expect floor work and improvisation. Includes breathing clinic. 45-60 mins.



(Burn | Sweat) An upbeat celebration of jazz with fast-paced cardio movements and across-the-floor exercises. Works the upper & lower body. 45-60 mins.



(Burn | Sweat) Work out & learn new moves. Moderately-paced and repetitive. Exercises go low and off-center to target abs and legs. 45-60 mins.



We’ll host other classes and teachers throughout the year. These can range from ballroom-style to branded tours; area or theme-specific. 60 mins - 3 hrs.

FITNESS Program Details:
Any class, anywhere. $20.00/March
Regular Tuition: $40/mth

HOW TO SIGN UP: (classes start Spring 19)

There are (2) ways you can sign up.
1. Find your class on the calendar, click on it and you’ll be directed to the sign-up/reg page. 2. Click the Sign Up button. *will be active when class launches or goes live.

PRE-REGISTER : You can pre-register (at no cost) by filling out the inquiry form or sending us an email with your contact information. This will (1) save your spot and any discounts/promos before classes go live, sell out or expire, (2) add you to our email list to receive news, class launches, releases and updates.

LOCATIONS (coming Spring 2019)
CLT - Uptown/South End
CLT - N Charlotte / University
CLT - S Charlotte / Ballantyne

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