An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently. - Gavin Newsom

Our eduDance program brings our dance classes out of the studio and into your classroom. It serves as an addition to your arts initiative and physical education plan. Not only does it provide exercise, but also personal development by allowing students to use creativity, self-expression, and encouraging social interaction. Each syllabus is designed based on the individual needs of our clients, their students, and the facility for which we use to instruct. Having a customized class outline allows more flexibility, communication and support between teachers and studio staff. And various options are available; from 4-week courses to multi-year options, single classes for those seeking less commitment, subject-specific, choreography, and school events.

Millennium in Schools

PK-12 On-site Dance Classes
After-school Programs
University & College Classes
Residencies, Workshops, Master Classes, & Clinics
Choreography & Performances - Events, Programs, Competitions
Coaching & Dance Team Assistance
Professional Instructor & Coordination
Complimentary Consultation, Site Evaluation & Demo Class
Insured & References Available On Request

BENEFITS Exercise, Personal Growth, Creativity, Self-Expression, Arts Awareness,
Encourages Social Interaction. Offered In: NC, SC, GA, VA

EDUCATION CLASS RATES: as low as $10/student. Discounts for large groups & districts.

1. Determine what lesson(s), class(es), event(s), or service(s) you are interested in.
2. Provide us with a date/date range, frequency, times, location, & # of students.
3. Schedule a consult online, email us, or call 704-332-4005.
4. Once signed off, you'll receive a final contract prior to the start date.
All education accounts are invoiced with 30 day terms.


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