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::Charlotte Dance Company

We unite global artists through movement and media, while serving as a source for dance events and mentions in the city of Charlotte. (est 2003)

: Submissions April 13 - August 3, 2019
: Decisions August 4 - 9, 2019
: CDC Orientation August 10, 2019 | 830a edt

We’re auditioning and casting new talent for our upcoming 2019-20 season! This serves as our official re-launch so it’s very important that we find a group who will exhibit the same amount of passion & creativity as we do. // We’re seeking core dancers, movement artists and incredible specialty acts to join our shows. The season runs September thru June, with a 4mth summer hiatus and additional work opportunities outside of the company.

Who we’re looking for: Dancers, Movement Artists, & Specialty Acts

HOW TO APPLY: <updated> Online submissions thru August 3, 2019. We’ve had a tremendous response of applicants who are extremely interested, but can’t make an in-person audition due to their location or other conflicts beyond their control. The decision to accept online submissions was made to ensure everyone had a fair opportunity, regardless of their circumstances.

Forward a current photo, pref head and full body, along with a bio/resume/CV and either of the following (audition video, reel, sample).
A diverse dance background incl: skills, training, experience and understanding.
Be available for rehearsals (starting September 2019).

NEXT STEPS: <just added> Decisions will be made August 4 - 9, 2019. You will receive a decision letter via email. Those who are selected will attend an orientation Saturday, August 10 at 830a edt. Local members will meet in-person, out-of-state and international members will attend via video conference. If your time zone prevents you from joining, an individual meeting will be scheduled. Topics of discussion: Welcome/Introduction (history, staff, company overview); Upcoming Season (participation/artist agreement, compensation); Creative (rehearsal, performance, show, event schedule); Tour (format, cities, dates).

Founder - Tracie M Coleman
The Charlotte Dance Company was established in 2003.
The CDC casts artists from all over world to present interactive dance exhibits and installations. Through various platforms, audiences are given an inside look into their creative process as well as an opportunity to attend rehearsal labs and member-led classes.

From the Founder: To all those submitting or thinking about it; I want this process to be fun, entertaining, and something that you’ll consider year after year. Although we’re a professional group, we're also relaxed and understand that dancing for people you’ve never met can be nerve-racking, therefore, I want you to feel like you’re already a part of the team and we’re laughing, creating, sharing, and connecting on something that we all genuinely love to do. And if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. -Tracie

our site www.cltdance.org or charlottedance.org will be available summer 2019

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