Global Dance Movement : Pakistan

I’m super excited to have Pakistan be our first country to highlight, because while I was searching “Pakistan Dances”, I found a couple of styles that I remember from my college course Dance Appreciation. While most of my search results listed:

Bharatanatyam - a classical dance found throughout South Asia, which evolved over many centuries in the temples of southern India. Highly structured, it is known for the dancer’s strong gestures and intricately expressive hand gestures. (ARTSEDGE)

Kathak - focused on storytelling; it is also a highly mathematical dance, based on rhythmic patterns set against a musical cycle of sixteen beats. (ARTSEDGE)

I didn’t have to dig far to find otherwise…With 1.7M views, two guys perform for a group of seated men in what resembles a dance battle. From the movements, gestures, music, crowd interaction, and even the boom box, it’s something you’d walk by on any major city corner.
The guy who stood up and made it rain…took me out.

Hi Pakistan, keep dancing!