Atlanta, see you in 2018!

Tomorrow (Nov 13th) we're releasing the details for Atlanta 2018.

Adult classes are returning and they'll run from January-June, but there's a twist; instead of the regulars that are held "sporadically", we're hosting them monthly and turning them into Master Class events. The base will always be Contemporary|Modern|Jazz (or a combo of all three) with additional styles to fill the last hour. And to make things exciting, the faculty and Charlotte Dance Company members will be in attendance and participating. That's where the word "event" comes in. The classes are open to the public, which will allow the community to meet, learn, and engage with all of us on a more personal and consistent manner. ***Our goal is to grow, so we can offer these types more frequently and expand them throughout the week in a facility of our own.*** <fingers crossed>

The season will kickoff with a couple of sample classes in Jan & Feb, with the official start date being March 10th. Everyone can visit the registration page for more information and to signup. 

Miss Tracie

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