Our Not-So-Lazy Sundays

I've/we've gotten into the habit of sacrificing our weekends for rehearsals, performances, classes, and hopping from city to city. If we're not waking up in a different town, it's the typical getting up by 9a and planning out the day, which usually includes something either work or arts-related.

Now I can't speak for everyone, but for the past 12 years this has been the "norm" for myself and the dance people around me. It's so "normal" that when it's a Sunday where nothing's going on---it feels strange. But when you're doing something you love and enjoy, with people who share the same interests, it's gratifying.

This Sunday (as in today) includes reflecting on the previous week, writing this blog, traveling, and working on what's to come in the next 6 days. Plus, we're trying to nail down the finishing touches on the Charlotte Dance Company's website (adding content), what's happening in Atlanta (class-wise) and sorting the remaining projects of 2017. Before we close our eyes tonight, those items will be written down and addressed in some type of manner.

So, let's toast to another great weekend.

Miss Tracie

Tracie ColemanComment