Talking Shop, Master Classes, and The Red Shoes

Last week was quite busy.

...we spent the previous week as fashion buyers, deciding on a solid direction for our SHOP page and how we could effectively combine our dance program with a retail operation. Looking at how things are coming together, I am all smiles and look forward to seeing it expand into something truly amazing. There's four pieces from Alternative Apparel that will be ready to ship on Nov 1st. 

ATLANTA: Mark your calendars for January 13, 2018! We're coming back with a entirely new and distinctive Master Class series. Miss Lindsay and I were on the phone for a very long time sorting out ideas, so you know we're serious and committed to bringing this location into existence. Registration will open November 13th.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of attending Broadway's "The Red Shoes" last night at Belk Theater. There are no words for how inventive and surreal this production ways. It told the tale of both the personalities within a dance company and a rising ballet star. Incredible. If you didn't get a chance to see it in Charlotte, let me suggest you catch it in another city/tour stop. Many thanks to Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and the Education Institute.

That's all for now.

Miss Tracie

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