Our Fashion-filled Week

It's my first official blog post and it's about.....FASHION!!! Well sorta.
I/we spent the past week trying to get the fashion side of things ready for the upcoming holiday and Spring season. And by fashion, I mean dance wear and regular clothing that us dancers tend to substitute for dance wear. Our SHOP page needed a little help, plus we had come to a brick wall as far as which retail direction would be best overall (ie: what pieces would work, how to sell, etc). That being said, we ventured into the unknown and decided to embark on attending showrooms and previews of our current vendors to see what was on-trend for 2018. After looking and browsing over countless items, I believe we edited the selection down to one that I could be proud of. Now granted, it will be rolled out into sections and will grow in time.

The SHOP page is live and the holiday 2017 & Spring 2018 collection will be available to view starting Monday, October 16. The shopping cart will go live October 30th!!!

Miss Tracie

This week (10/15-10/21):
Shop Page
Holiday 2017
Atlanta Master Classes (Jan '18)